Friday, August 21, 2015

Istikhara for Love marriage

Istikhara is something silent communication between you and god or Allah with the help of prayer. And it’s highly recommended by the Muslim astrologer to perform the Istikhara by yourselves for your work. Astrologers only provide you the mantra according to your problem and then it’s up you that how you chant this. If you chant this with the true and pure heart it will convert in the positive result sooner.

Istikhara will help love problem also. If you want to get marry with your love partner then you can take help of the Muslim astrologer. Istikhara can give the good result if your intentions are good towards the other person. It help you to get agree your parents for your marriage too because most if the love marriage have the problem of the cast and family so if you us this mantra It will assured give you the positive result.


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